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The stationery firm “Papeteries Vérilhac Frères” was founded in Lyon, France, in 1932 by the brothers, Henri and Robert Vérilhac, they sold stationery across France and North Africa. Two years later the brothers dream of manufacturing their own stationery was realised, and in 1934, the now famous orange Rhodia pad was born.


What’s in a name?  Rhodia reflects the brand’s origins by the Rhône River in France, where the people from this region are known as ‘Rhodaniens’, and which led the brothers to create the name – Rhodia.

The two joined fir trees symbolize the company’s founding brothers, Henri and Robert Vérilhac. Family Legend has it the logo was drawn spontaneously in a single stroke by Antonia, Henri Vérilhac’s wife, and the hand drawn, sans serif letters reflect Rhodia’s modernist roots to this day.


Factories in France still manufacture Rhodia’s vellum, coated, 80gsm paper. A bleed resistant, feather-proof, brilliant white or cream creation that loves to be used with fountain pens. Many people feel it is the standard that other papers should be measured against.

For more than 80 years now, the expertise of Rhodia has ensured that ‘Stationery Made in France’ means the best in quality and expertise when it comes to notebooks for people who care.

Rhodiarama A6 Webbies
These gorgeous French, fountain pen friendly notebooks are a bit of departure for the site. These little darlings are 192 pages of 90g ivory brushed vellum paper, in a leatherette hard cover in a range of vibrant colours. We have three colours now, with the rest coming soon. Each book...